Rogier Strobbe
is a UX/UI designer
from The Netherlands.

Rogier Strobbe

I am a digital UX/UI Designer with 10+ years of experience. During these years I have worked on a wide range of design projects for a multitude of clients. From large multinational companies with design systems to tiny one-(wo)man startups.

Professional skills

Job titles in the internet industry seem to change every 3 months (these days I would be considered a full stack designer I guess), therefore I think it's important to just list the skills I have.

I can take a project from wireframing/prototyping (UX Design) and visual high-fidelity design mockups (UI Design) to interactive prototypes and A/B-testing. Since I also have a lot of experience with coding websites (HTML/CSS), I know the limitations of what is possible on the web and what is not.

For more information about my professional skills, please see my resume below

Resume available on request.

Personal life

I was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and currently I am living in Almere, The Netherlands.

In my free time I like read up on the latest tech/design news, listen to music and watch movies.

Besides that I am a pretty competitive endurance athlete. I spend a lot of my spare time running and cycling and sometimes I combine these 2 sports in duathlon (or run-bike-run) races.

If you'd like a small peek into my life, check out my Instagram below.

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