Telecom e-commerce

Awardwinning webshop for a fun rebel mobile provider

Over the past 10 years I worked on pretty much every single part of Tele2's online presence. From redesigning the complete webshop, to performance dashboards for upper management, to dedicated landingpages for big marketing campaigns. During my time at Tele2, we won the "Best Telecom website of the year" twice.

2009 - 2019
Concept Design, UX/UI Design
Business type:

Make it Bold

Tele2 is all about challenging the big competitors in the crowded dutch telecom market. To stand out from the crowd, we created a bold digital identity. Strong colors, with strong heavy fonts made Tele2 a recognizable brand for a lot of people.


A small styleguide for Tele2.

A mobile performance dashboard

Upper management wanted a way to quickly see the status of the different systems and conversion data. I created a performance dashboard in the Fun Rebel corporate identity style, tailored to mobile devices, so they could check the status on the go, 24/7.

Dedicated campaign landingpages

Together with a CRO specialist I created a dedicated landingpage for sales campaigns which were not focused on brand awareness, but just on conversion. In this case we were focussing on the iPhone X with an unlimited data and call bundle.

Tele2 Blog

Tele2's current blog uses an existing modified Wordpress theme. To improve direct communication with our Tele2 user base, we wanted to create a new and unique designed blog, which was also in line with our bold Fun Rebel identity.