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Proudly presenting v3.9

Posted on: December 31st, 2009 | Category: Site

So here it is, the third incarnation of Wow, I can’t believe I actually finished the site. I think I started working on the design like a year and a half ago, but you know how it goes, sometimes life, work and other responsibilities get in the way. Sometimes I would work on the new site for a couple of hours, followed by months where I didn’t work on it at all. But I wanted to finish it before the year’s end, and here it is! Still needs some tweaking here and there, but overall I’m pretty satisfied with the result.

I am still running WordPress, but I also moved all content from my Singapore-powered portfolio site to WordPress. After all.. it’s much easier redesigning when you only have to build templates for one CMS. My portfolio is now located at

I tried to keep the amount of plug-ins used to a minimum and build most of the site using standard wordpress functionality (like custom frontpage and using the built-in wp functions). The plug-ins I used: Akismet (off course), Breadcrumb NavXT, Contact Form 7, Google Analytics for WordPress, Page Sidebars and Twitter Tools.

If you find any bugs, please let me now or you can tell me how much you like the new site in the comments ;)

It’s good to be back!